The Battle for Normandy in C3i Nr24

C3i Magazine, Nr24 on P500 List

C3i Editor’s Note:

The following is an initial and partial list of articles, scenarios, and inserts.

Once this issue goes into final design and layout more articles will have

been received and may be ADDED to the contents of the magazine

(contents are always subject to change).

– Rodger B. MacGowan, Editor […]

C3i Web Extra – For the People Article

New Addition to F&M Archive at C3i Ops Center

Another addition to our Fire & Movement archive is now available. This article, “Panorama: Is Paris Burning?,” is from Fire & Movement Issue 15 and surveys a number of early games on the possible Soviet invasion of Western Europe. The article can be accessed at the link below:

Panorama: Is Paris Burning?

David Gray […]

Successors – Enjoying the Game in France

Flying Colors – Battle of Minorca, 1756

GMT East Weekend 2010 – No Retreat!

GMT East Weekend 2010 – Here I Stand

GMT East Weekend 2010 – The Caucasus Campaign

The Battle Lines Meet

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