What is C3i Magazine?

C3i Magazine was started in 1992, covering the works of Rodger MacGowan and the Wargaming hobby at large.  Focusing on new and upcoming releases from GMT Games LLC, it also covers cultural figures related to the hobby, previous game companies’ contributions (e.g. SPI, Avalon Hill), and articles related to the art of war.


Typically released on an annual basis, each issue of C3i is filled with articles on the hobby, as well as packed with inserts that serve as expansions of other GMT products, or even serving as standalone games.  Older issues were printed in black and white, but the magazine is now printed in full color, cover to cover.

This website, the C3i Ops Center, is the electronic appendage of the C3i brand, giving you content you won’t see in the magazine, and showcasing player meetups and conventions, artwork for upcoming projects, military related Day in History banners, and more.

You can Register for the website by clicking HERE, or clicking the Register button at the top right of your page.  You can find out of print issues on the right hand side of the main page.  Finally, you can learn how to become a C3i Immortal by clicking HERE, and you will automatically reserve a copy of the next C3i Magazine to be released.

Thank you for visiting, you can leave a comment on how you like the site by commenting on one of the banners, linking your friends to the site, or contributing a comment in our Comment Box (to be released) to show your appreciation.  And of course, play on!