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  • GeorgeWyrd

    Brilliant move! Order placed.

  • Thank you for your wonderful support, it is most appreciated. I hope you like the new issue, C3i Nr29.


  • conky

    I hadn’t heard about the distribution change but just placed my order. Looking forward to it arriving.

  • Hi Conky, Thank you, I just made the announcement yesterday. Thank you for all your support. Looking forward to your first impressions of the new issue, C3i Nr29 “Plan Orange” — Enjoy!


  • Mark Brownell

    Does this new system apply to immortals? Why weren’t we notified if it does? C3i has such an erratic schedule that it is difficult to know when the next issue is available. It rarely makes it out once a year, so how are we to know when to order?

  • theprofessor

    FYI, Amazon isn’t allowing shipping to Canada.

  • Frequently Asked Q&A – C3i Magazine – RBM Studio Publication – 13 January 2016

    Q – Does the new direction of RBM’s C3i Magazine mean that non-GMT Games will be covered or have the chance of having bonus/errata counters created?

    A – C3i Magazine has always covered games and game designers from other game companies. Yes, C3i Magazine will continue to publish game counters, both new counters and also errata counters.

    Q – What about my “C3immortals” Subscription?

    A – I created the “C3immortals” as an Auto Ship System, it was not a subscription system. We no longer will be using the “C3immortals” Auto Ship System. You may order the new issue, “C3i Magazine Nr29” with Mark Herman’s “Plan Orange” game from Amazon – Amazon Order Page – C3i Magazine Nr29 – RBM Studio Publication

    Q – Can I still subscribe to C3i Magazine? Will there be subscriptions?

    A – There are no subscriptions to C3i Magazine. I am not planning to have subscriptions to the magazine in future.

    Q – Will C3i Magazine be available through retailers and distributors? What about overseas retailers and distributors?

    A – Yes, we are currently working with retailers and distributors world wide to supply them with C3i Magazine Nr29. The orders are now coming in.

    Q – What about Canadian Orders?

    A – We have just been informed by Amazon.com about special arrangements for orders in Canada. We are working with Amazon to allow orders in Canada — please stay tuned for an Update on this unfolding situation.

    Thank you,

    Rodger B. MacGowan
    RBM Studio
    C3i Magazine

  • Herbert Harengel

    What about European Orders? Amazo.de is not offering your Magazine.

  • Hi Herbert,

    Please try Amazon.com — does that work for you?

    Amazon Order Page – C3i Magazine Nr29 – RBM Studio Publication


    FYI, We are also working with retailers to ship the new issue, Nr29, to stores and distributors, but this will take some time.

    Hope this helps,


    RBM Studio
    C3i Magazine

  • andrewmigliore

    I just found out about the GMT C3importals is not longer going to occur, but I went to Amazon and it states there are no available units for issue Nr29! Is it sold out?

  • Hi Andrew,

    C3i Nr29 is “temporarily” out of stock at Amazon, we have sent them more copies.

    Please check back with Amazon or watch C3i News Updates here on C3i Ops Center — then you can order.

    Thank you,


    C3i Magazine
    RBM Studio

    Amazon Order Page – C3i Magazine Nr29 – RBM Studio Publication


  • U2

    Dear Sirs,

    It is not back in stock. It’s 11:20 CET 31st January and only one day after your “back in stock” post. Must have sold out quickly. Still waiting to be able to order….

  • shapurII


    When will be able to buy this product in Canada?


  • U2

    Sorry about that. It looked like it was someone reselling a used copy and not sold directly by Amazon like I’m used to. It was you guys selling copies :) Bought myself one. Thanks!

  • Robert

    Best wishes with your new endeavor. I love the magazine, and it was shipped much more securely than before. Keep up the good work.
    Robert Swanson

  • Hi Robert,

    GREAT to hear, thank you, I’m so pleased you like the new C3i Magazine AMAZON ordering system.

    All the Best,


    RBM Studio

  • Wellington007

    Hi Rodger:

    Purchased C3i magazine # 29 on Amazon (1/19/2016). Another outstanding job! However as I was punching out and sorting out Plan Orange cards tonight I discovered that I have duplicate of US Cards 1-8. Two Sets of sheet containing 1-8.

    I don’t have US card 9-16. Apologizes for posting this here, but what’s the best method to secure a copy of Plan Orange US Card sheet which contains 9-16 so I can get this beauty on the table?

    cheers, Matt

  • aciampichetti

    Hi Rodger:

    Purchased C3i magazine # 29 on Amazon (4/02/2016). Good job!
    However I discovered that I completly missing the 24 japanise cards ….. How can I have it??
    Sorry to post this question here, but I cant find a valid emial address ….

    cheers, Alberto

  • Hi Alberto,

    Contact me at my email address — rbmstudio@yahoo.com

    Send me your postal address and I will send you C3i “Plan Orange” cards ASAP.

    Thank you for all your support of C3i Magazine.


    RBM Studio
    C3i Magazine

  • Orion

    How do I make sure I get EACH one now as they come out??? It was easy on the GMT site. Please ADVICE to my email.


  • Orion

    WELL, after seeing the crazy Amazon prices that the older C3I mags are going for… Perhaps I should just sell off all my set, and pick up more games of other persuasions…??? Very tempting… This seems to be perhaps a giant step in reverse for the mag, I HOPE NOT!

  • aciampichetti

    I would like to thanks Rodger and his staff: my C3I missed the jap cards of the game and a new cards set was send to me.
    It is arrived today.

    A wonderful service.

    Thanks and regards

  • cyhiew

    Hi Rodger,

    I have had immortal status for many years and only realised that it is no longer active. I really value my 3Ci magazines and would like to keep buying them. However, I cannot purchase them through Amazon as I live in Australia. I cannot even find it via the Australian amazon site. Please let me know how I and many other Australians can order the magazine. We have greatly appreciated the quality of this publication over the years and would not like to lose it.

    I will pm your email as well.


  • ca_squires

    Hi there,
    Just wondering about current availability in Canada. The mag is instock on amazon.com, yet only a reseller has it on .ca, for $130.


  • Hi Chris,

We have fixed the C3i Amazon Canada site. You should now be able to order. Hope this helps. Thanks!



  • Panzer2C


    If future games include cards please consider the available card sleeve sizes. Some of us like to protect our game cards by putting them in sleeves. I am currently playing and enjoying Plan Orange and have sleeved the cards with the best fit I could come up with but the cards stick out of the sleeves a little and the sleeves are a little too wide. I ended up using Standard American sleeves which are 56 mm x 87 mm, so the game cards are probably something like 54 mm x 88mm.

  • Hi Panzer2C,

    Thank you for your excellent suggestions — we will keep this in mind in the future.


  • Kirk

    Thanks for your email about the Survey for C3i. Is it possible to get access to the survey without logging onto Google?

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