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Mark Herman, excellent C3i Magazine article, I enjoyed it.  The whole "controlled chaos" thingie is why I love Card Driven Games (well, many of them) so much.  And you have my eternal thanks for giving the gaming world this great innovation.

 Rob F. Winslow


I really enjoyed Mark Herman's C3i article on the Card Driven Game engine.  Very in formative and perplexing.  The new C3i issue is also visually appealing. The idea of putting the counter manifest on the back cover was top-notch (saves me some ink cartridges)!  I also like the format of the presentation for the modules within (SimpleGBoH, Downtown, and Musket & Pike).  I like the use of color in the magazine where it's strategically placed for the ads (of course) but also the sketch map, and the Alesia article's counters.

Ken Tee  


Before I forget, I recently finished re-reading the last issue of C3i Magazine, which continues the high standards Rodger has always set for it. Even when I don't own the games in the issue, I  still case the articles, they are always worth reading…

Ted Raicer


Among the many good points of C3i Magazine is that an article in it will occasionally open my eyes to a game I might otherwise have overlooked. C3i Nr 18's Twilight Struggle materials have made me realize what a dum-dum I was not to P500 the game the first time around. Happy to say I'm not making that mistake with the TS reprint.

Mark MacLean


I picked up a copy of C3i Nr18 for the Tactical cards for AWI. Having read through the magazine, I have decided to spring for one of the other games covered in the issue, but I don't know which one. It's a toss up between Downtown, Twilight Struggle, or Empire of the Sun…

I am leaning toward Twilight Struggle at this point.

Walter Clayton


I just got hold of C3i Nr18 - great stuff, especially the Twilight Struggle articles and the how to play Here I Stand feature. If you could squeeze in the TS counters as real counters in the next issue, that would be superb. If not, a hi-res PDF file will have to do - but I am not prepared to cut them out of the mag.

Per Fischer


C3i Magazine allows me to get the most from my GMT games...Most definitely. Way back when I did not own all games that GMT Games made, keeping up with the magazine (C3i) let me go back when I acquired those games and have all those great articles, counters and other expansion goodies that every issue brings. The magazine is almost an integral part of the games themselves.

Milan Becvar


To me content outweighs all other considerations, and C3i Magazine scores high there. The layout is ergonomic and the price is reasonable.

I share your affection/nostalgia for the old Avalon Hill GENERAL magazine, but I'm not sure that emulating that look and feel would make all that much difference for me, especially if it raised the price.

One feature in which C3i Magazine that blows away the GENERAL is the counters and inserts.

Ken M. Keller


Rodger, I don't get many opportunities to even read CSW these days, let alone post, but I want to let you know how much I am enjoying (as usual) C3i Nr18, which arrived (this time without a hitch) here in Japan a couple of weeks ago. All 18 issues of C3i Magazine so far have been well worth any wait. Keep up the good work.

  Mark MacLean


It's great that C3i Magazine has offered all those out of print back issues of C3i articles for free viewing and PDF printing. Something I wished the hobby had when I started playing 40 years ago.

 Kim Meints


Rodger, C3i Nr19 is a VERY nice issue.  Deluxe maps, new expansions, additional modules for series games are all so much fun to wait for.... but, when a magazine offers numerous mini-additions to a host of games, that's funner - which is not a word normally but in this case suffices.

 Andrew Young


Just got the new C3i, Nr19 with the two new scenarios for ‘Pax Romana’, along with counters. This just doubled the value of the game, as it opens up a lot of new possible play options. Great work!

 Martin Sample


C3i Magazine Nr19 -- Terrific new issue! -- I really enjoyed the game/strat analysis articles for 'Combat Commander'. I hope we see more of this type of article (for any of the systems) in upcoming issues.

 Charles Eastman


My C3i Nr19 arrived in Coquitlam, BC, today. All I can say is WOW! Excellent job Rodger. The cover art is fantastic. My only quibble, and it is minor, is that the various scenarios are imbedded in the magazine and not separate inserts. Still I can always scan them in and print them out on some nice cardstock. For once I have a C3i issue that has a majority of games I own in it.  I don't own 'Pax Romana' but have played it..."

Rob Bottos


C3i in the 'Burgh...The new issue (Nr19) showed up here, and once again, it's a terrific magazine. C3i is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone who plays GMT Games; it's like a force multiplier for what comes in the box. I hope too that the bonus cards, and not just sheets that readers have to cut up, are going to be more frequent features.

 Jim Werbaneth


C3i Nr19 - Arrived on Saturday, 8/11. Good looking issue!...I'm looking forward to devouring the issue shortly. I did notice an article or two on 'Pax Romana'. My dilemma is not to read the articles (hard to do) or read the articles and probably get sucked up into another GMT game purchase.

Kim Beattie


C3i Magazine does look impressive in its "look"... there was a lot of excellent content in this most recent issue, Nr19. I've especially enjoyed the 'Combat Commander' design analysis and 'CC:Ancients' tactical tips so far. 'Combat Commander' is more sophisticated than I had realized and the C3i article is like a challenging masters thesis! I might even go so far as to say that content-wise, this issue had more of the feel of the old AH Generals, maybe because of all the design analysis.

Togu Oppusunggu


Rodger, I heard good comments regarding C3i Nr19 at ConQuest San Francisco this weekend and saw some being read/referenced in the boardgame room. It was very nice to meet your family and to see you again. Thank you for your generosity and your time when we dropped by your booth impromptu before you were even set up!

Kai Jensen


Arrived in Italy!... I'll never buy anything with surface mail... BTW C3i Nr19 is another exceptional issue!!!

Gianni Vonci


Dan Fournie's past, present, and future (C3i Nr20) contributions to the magazine are just terrific - his new scenarios are engaging, and his historical narratives are compelling.

So a tip of the helmet to 'Mr. Ancients' for all his outstanding efforts!

Steve Carey


Got the new issue, C3i Nr20. WOW! I complained about the lack of GBOH material in the last issue. I'll shut up now. LOL. Anyhow, I don't know why I never thought of printing set-up cards. The new shipping envelope was a great idea too. Anyhow, it looks like one of my favorite issues yet. It even includes an entire game. I don't know how you'll top this issue. C3i is easily the best company mag I've ever seen.

 Russ Kitchen


It would be hard to imagine how someone could pack more value into a single magazine issue than C3i Magazine, Nr20. When I look at it, I am completely overwhelmed by the content and the packaging. The quality of the content matches the excellent appearance and graphics.

Thanks a bunch.

Dick Shay


I also really like the scenario insert cards for the GBOH and C&C Ancients scenarios in C3i Nr20. You don't have to photo-copy scenario pages or cut them out of the magazine, just drop them in the game box. Thanks!

Steve Keifer


Just got my issue of C3i Nr20 today, fantastic job as always.

I want to add that I really like the separate insert cards for the scenarios for Combat Commander and C&C Ancients. Makes things much easier to put in their respective boxes. I'd like to see this done for all the scenarios (hint Flying Colors hint!), but of course I know that cost is an issue.

Grant Sharp


It was actually the first article I read in Nr20. Kinda like cruising down memory lane. Matt has a point that if you are not intimately familiar with the Top 20 games listed, the list itself might not have as much value. But I think for many of us that have played most, or even all, of these games it was fun to read Steve Carey’s list and compare it to our own Top 20's.

And as I know Steve a bit, I have come to very highly regard his opinions of good games. So, for the most point I found it spot on. I might of put Europe Engulfed higher (yes Rick, I finally played it once) and I was surprised to see him rate the Down in Flames series so high, not that it doesn't deserve it (I'd rate it Number One, but that's just me). It's just that I don't think I've ever actually seen Steve play DiF games.

And, of course, I was not surprised to see Steve rate SPQR as #1.

 Martin Scott


Now I'm a bit of a GMT newbie, only having Downtown, all the CC stuff, Conquest of Paradise, Twilight Struggle and (soon) Blackbeard, so I realise my opinion isn't worth much, but I was really hoping Downtown (or The Burning Blue) would make the list. They seem to have been a critical success (both being quite stable amongst the top-ranking games on BGG), innovative in design and scale (from what I understand), they have beautiful art, fantastically well-written rules (with little errata) and (in the case of Downtown) are hopefully spawning a series (Elusive Victory). They are just *different* in a great way. Maybe sales weren't as hot as the ratings might suggest?

But a great article in a great magazine. Since I don't own many games covered in C3i (I have bought #18-20), I really appreciate this kind of article for which I don't need to own a game to understand!

I really enjoyed the 'best game' article in C3i Nr20 - I didn't agree with all the Top 20 choices, but certainly most of those games were on my top list.

As to my top game... it's like asking someone their favourite film or song. Impossible to chose!

However, what is impressive with GMT Games is that except for AH’s B-17, my top games are pretty much all GMT Games releases.

James Blair


Rodger, FANTASTIC job with C3i Nr20. Truly, just great stuff. Really liked that the GBOH and C&C Ancients scenarios were separate inserts.

Thanks for a great issue.

Jeff Newell


Thanks to Rodger and everyone else who contributed to C3i Nr20 - another great issue!

Mark MacLean


I surely did find the Flying Colors Trafalgar article in C3i Nr20 interesting - especially the revised view of Nelson's column's actions at Trafalgar. I wasn’t aware of this theory at all. I like the look of the smaller Flying Colors scenarios too - and they are more likely to get a play than the biggie unfortunately. Thanks to ye!

Mike Smith


Finally had a chance to try this one with my oldest son. We played twice, once as each side and had a good deal of fun. I did win pretty easily both times, but I think we will have fun playing this one using the various optional rules without VP adjustments to try to even things up a bit between us. Simple rules and mechanics, low counter density, and straightforward goals make this one a good introductory wargame. Now my son knows how to read a CRT, a terrain effects chart, and what ZOC means! I'm sure we'll enjoy this one quite a bit more and that it will be the first stepping stone on a life long journey that he and I will share. Thanks C3i!

 Nick Avtges


I got a chance to sit down and play C3i’s Drive on Metz game last night. Wow! That's a cool little game! I'm always looking for good ways to get new people introduced to the hobby. Drive on Metz will certainly go a long ways towards that end.

Joel Toppen


First played this game back when I was in grade 11 or 12 in the mid 1980's and thought it was cool and even got to thinking of trying to design my own game. Nothing came of the idea though.

Played the C3i-Drive on Metz game twice today and both times the game was a complete blow out for the Americans. Not sure how it's balanced in favour of the Germans?

It seems to me that against a competent player, the Germans will never be able to exit the 3rd Panzer Grenadier as the Americans can get them into a ZOC on turn 1. In my game I exited the 17SS and was able to score 11 vp's but Metz fell on game turn 6 and on turn 7 the Americans exioted a unit off the East map edge. A decisive victory in both games.

Would love to hear how the Germans should conduct their defence. The no retreat across rivers, even bridged, accounted for the majority of the eliminated German units.

As a teaching tool this game is great, but make sure to give the new player the new player the Americans. Love the quality of the C3i-Metz components.

Rob Bottos


C3i-Drive on Metz After Action Report

I used ALL Optional rules and Scenarios (Variants). The game starts with the Germans getting 8vp's for the two extra U.S. units. The Americans get 3 for the extra strength Germans( I blindly picked those units to add some fog of war so I wouldn't know what they were till I flipped them over. It does add some to a solo game) .

GT-1 The U.S decides to hit the German center and sends the 5/10 over from the south to help out.The U.S waits to drop the 502/101st till another game turn.Two of the American attacks are pushed back. buttwo other's take Fortress Hexes "Jean d'Arc & "Driant". The Germans launch no counterattacks but do cross the 37/17SS over the Moselle river to help in the defense.

GT-2. The U.S. attacks in all three sector's. also they para drop the 502 into a hex behind the Germans in the hope that the attacks by the U.S.gets a defender retreat result to elim them.It works, the Germans are forced back and can't. Also a attack by the US 2/5 & 10/5 pushes back the Germans,They advance into Fortress "Lorriane".Meanwhile the US destroy another German who can't retreat. The German's make one counterattack. Shit! It gets a AR result. The Americans advance into Fortress "Derouedle". The 38/17SS moves off the map for 6vp's. At the end of the turn VP's are German 15,US 4

GT-3 The 502/101st moves into Thionville( worth 5 VP's). They also attack along with the 358/90th on the German 106th PZ brigade across the Moselle, a DR result. The 502nd advances across.On the southern end the US 5/11,CCB & CCR/7A attack also across the Moselle.they get a DR result and the5/11 crosses over.

The Germans decide to move the 29/3PG off the map(5vp's). And in a surprise attack the Germans retake Fortress "Derouedle"!

GT-4 The US gets the 359/90th in as a special reinforcement but its reall not needed as they cross three more units across the Moselle river.By this time the Germans have only 3 units left on the map. The 37/17SS decides to recross the Moselle to try and escape off map, which they do for 4 vp's( with each game turn the Germans get less VP's for moving off map)

GT-5 The US 502/101st moves off map(5 vp's). They also surround Metz and attack with 4 units. They take the city with a DR2 result. Metz is now in US hands( 20vp's)

GT-6 With the start of this turn there are NO German units on the map so it's now over( There is still one more turn to go). The VP count stands with Germans 20,US 37-A Decisive US victory.

If the game went that one more turn(to GT7) the US would have exited 6 more units off map for a whopping 30 VP's)

The best US tactic is to hit the center. Metz is close by and the defenders are at their weakest. only with a Pick of extra strength German units can they really hold there. And with me blindly picking those two units the extra strength one s were at Metz and on the other side of the Moselle.

A fun game played today. I hope everyone with a C3i Magazine subscription will like the game. Playing time was about 45 minutes.

Kim Meints


I first ran into C3i Magazine back with issue Nr5. I quickly tracked down all the prior issues which at the time were still relatively easy and inexpensive to acquire and have not let an issue go by since. There is always something there for some GMT Games gem or another and the amount of extras with the additional counters, maps, cards and/or scenarios and articles all aimed at enhancing the playing experience is I.M.O. at 100%

Milan Becvar


I got my issue of the new C3i Nr21 today, and I'm especially interested in the new Command & Colors: Ancients scenarios.  I'm really getting into the game now, so it was perfect timing.

Jim Werbaneth


Just got the new C3i Nr21 and I appreciate Mr. Fournie's receptiveness to those of us who were yelling for Spartacus scenarios. C3i has always been responsive to the requests of its customers. The scenarios look great and I can't wait to play them.

 Russ Kitchen


Rodger – C3i Nr21 is another great issue packed with goodies.

I got a real charge out the Spartacus & Crassus leader counters - reminds me of the old Yaquinto album game covers you did. 

I am particularly happy about the constant support in C3i Magazine for Empire of the Sun and the Combat Commander series.

Rick Wagoner


On Sunday night we played one of the Combat Commander scenarios from the new C3i Nr21 - and we quite enjoyed it even if the British did not manage to take the bridge (we are still figuring out the best way to do things).

I just wanted to say I showed Jamie the new issue of C3i Magazine as he had not seen one before and he was very impressed.

The content you guys put into each issue of C3i is superb, thanks.

Ian Schofield


I'll chime in and point out to any Great Battles of History series players not aware: The SimpleGBoH-C3i Battle Manual is not just for Simple GBoH. The countersheet is worth the price alone as it includes all those elusive leader and unit pieces needed to play the out of print C3i Magazine GBoH battles (C3i Nr1 through 14).

Joel Toppen


I have Cunaxa, 401 B.C. (C3i Nr9) battle from the SimpleGBoH-C3i Battle Manual set up right now. It really is nice to have the Battle Manual, since you can get the free PDF downloads of the out-of-print C3i articles with the original scenarios, so you can play the SimpleGBoH version of the scenarios in the Battle Manual even if you don't have the original C3i articles. The extra counters are a nice bonus as well.

Gary Phillips





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