C3i Preview – INSIDE C3i Nr31 – RBM Studio – Set-Up for Battle of Wakefield, 1460 – by Steve Carey

C3i Magazine Nr31 PREVIEW on Board Game Geek

PREVIEW of the upcoming release of C3i Magazine Nr31 by RBM Studio.

“As you can see, it’s another issue that is bursting with goodies, including a new stand alone game.” – by Sam (wanderdog) BGG, 6 Nov 2017


C3i Nr31 Preview – Battle of Wakefield Map Printed – Report by Jeff Kaye – RBM Studio

C3i Nr31 Preview – Battle of Corupedium GBoH Module – Report by Jeff Kaye – RBM Studio

C3i Nr31 – Authors Copy Arrives – “Oh My!!!!” – Mark‏ Herman – 1 November 2017

C3i Nr31 – Author’s Copy Arrives – “Look what showed up in the mail. C3i just gets more amazing!” – by Mark Herman, 1 Nov 2017

C3i Magazine Nr31 Printer Proof has Arrived!

Printer proof of C3i Nr31 has just arrived. Working now on details and plans for preparing new issue so we can take orders. Stay tuned for all the details on ordering the new issue as soon as we are prepared. Thanks! Rodger

1955 – “The end of our Earth” – “Rebel Without a Cause” – Directed by Nicholas Ray

“C3i Magazine is our favorite magazine” – by Igor Luckyanov and Dmitry Klyuykov – 19 Oct 2017

Preview – Normandy’44 – “Disaster at D-Day” INSIDE C3i Magazine Nr31 – New Variant – RBM Studio

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