“Arquebus” – Richard Berg’s “Men of Iron Series” – C3i Magazine Preview – RBM Art Director

Playtest of Bruce Mansfield’s “Gandhi” COIN Game – GMT Games Weekend 2017 – C3i Report by Steve Carey

Best Sellers List

First play of Mark Herman’s “Pericles” – GMT Weekend 2017 – C3i Report by Steve Carey

“Pericles” Debuts at East Weekend – C3i Visual Essay by Mark Herman, 1 April 2017

Mark Miklos “Battles of the American Revolution Series” – Battle Map display by Patrick Ruestchmann

INSIDE C3i Nr26 – RBM Studio – Behind the Scenes Report on the Game Design Process Designers & Developers – Relationships in Motion by Patrick Ruestchmann

C3i Magazine Nr29, RBM Studio – Mark Herman’s “Plan Orange” – Unboxing Video by The Players Aid

CNN Tech – Game Designer Volko Ruhnke – Games-themed panel discussion at the South by Southwest Interactive Technology festival – C3i NEWS 2017


1st US Marine Division – Mark Herman’s “South Pacific” INSIDE C3i Nr30, RBM Studio

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