Movie History – Jaws (1975)

Charles S. Roberts Awards Nominations for 2008 Announced

For Your Information

The Charles S. Roberts Awards Nominations for the year 2008 have been posted on the CSR Awards website at:

Focus on Commands & Colors Ancients

Focus on the Game – Twilight Struggle

Dead of Winter – New Release

Now Shipping – Kaiser’s Pirates

The Kaiser’s Pirates – Coming Soon

PQ-17 – Coming Soon

Elusive Victory – RBM Cover Painting

Thanks for posting this. Big honor for me to have this artwork that you did many years ago and finally gets its place of honor on a box cover – Terry Simo

Hi Terry,

Thank you so much for a fabulous new game!

Yes, my cover art painting (now on our “Elusive Victory” boxcover) was […]

New P500 Titles Announced – Germantown and Supreme Commander

You can pre-order these new titles at

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