Final Table of Contents – C3i Magazine Nr23

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Table of Contents – FINAL – C3i Nr23


Nothing Gained But Glory – Musket & Pike Battle Series – P500

C3i Magazine Nr23 – PQ-17

C3i Magazine Nr23 – Combat Commander

Now Shipping – Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition

Game History – Triumph & Glory (2000)

Captain Roger Donlon – Medal of Honor (1964)

Game History – Austerlitz 1805 (2000)

Hobby News – VPG’s Jena 20 in C3i Nr23 and VPG publish GDW’s Battle for Moscow

With C3i Magazine Nr 23 due to ship soon – the new issue includes a Special C3i Edition of Victory Point Games Jena 20 game – it is interesting to note that VPG have also re-designed Frank Chadwick’s (Game Designers’ Workshop) Battle for Moscow beginner’s game.  Ironically Battle for Moscow had earlier been included in […]

Captain Ed W. Freeman – Medal of Honor (1965)

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