BGG Ratings of recent C3i Magazine Games – INSIDE C3i Nr28-Nr31 – RBM Studio

Twilight Struggle – RBM Info Graphic Design – History of the Cold War

C3i Magazine & Le Valet d’Coeur – Canada

Battle of Wakefield, 1460 – INSIDE C3i Nr31, RBM Studio – GameON! Convention 2018 – C3i Magazine Photo Report by Jason Lindsay

Ralph Shelton autographs Battle of Wakefield INSIDE C3i Nr31 – GameON! Convention 2018 – C3i Magazine Photo Report by Jeff Newell

C3i Collector’s Boxes – Limited Quantity Still Available

Congratulations to our first 500 C3immortals who ordered Nr 31, they will all receive free C3i Collector’s boxes! NOTE: Limited Quantity Still Available.

C3i Magazine Collector’s Box – Limited Edition – RBM Studio

C3i Nr31 Preview – Labyrinth: SURGE 2007 Scenario – by Trevor Bender – RBM Studio

RBM Virtual Art Gallery – Rodger MacGowan – C3i Ops Center

Mark Herman simultaneously playing 9 players in C3i “South Pacific” – San Diego Historical Games 2017 Convention by Harold Buchanan

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