C3i Magazine Nr 30 Available for Ordering


Issue Nr 30 has been receiving stellar reviews and we are very pleased to see hear your feedback! Please email us with any concerns at c3imagazinebannerman@gmail.com


We accept Google Wallet (email us to try it!), PayPal, and TransferWise as ways to pay. We have a couple shipping options for our American customers (scroll to the bottom for International customers):

  1. Priority Mail (Envelope): $30 plus tax where applicable
    • If you want it fast and want to save a little bit of money, choose the envelope option. The magazine and contents are in a ziplock bag and will be shielded by an extra layer of protection (cardboard)
  2. Priority Mail (Box): $36 plus tax where applicable
    • If you want a little more peace of mind that your magazine will come in good condition, choose the box. We’ll fill the box with some popcorn to keep it from jostling around too much

To use PayPal, use the menus listed below:



California Orders

CA Envelope

CA Box



CANADA Envelope



For our International (Non-Canadian) Immortals, you can order through us, but you are more likely to get better pricing through our listing on Amazon. Amazon’s logistics are able to process international orders easier and at lower cost than us, but if you want to be the first kid on the block with Nr 30 then feel free to email us back and we’ll get a custom quote for you. If you order through the above menus your order is likely to be amended to reflect shipping and any applicable taxes.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at c3imagazinebannerman@gmail.com