SPQR:  Examples of Units

Editors Desk SPQR

The Clash of Swords, the Thunder of Hooves

The Carthaginians

The Battle of Zama 202 BC

The Roman Army In SPQR

Pyrrhus of Epirus vs. Rome

Skirmishers in SPQR

Cavalry in SPQR

Elephants & Phalanx

Leaders in SPQR

Contrasts in Roman and Macedonian Tactics

The Bagradas Plains, 255 BC

The Battles of Lamia and Elis, 208 BC

SPQR Sample Game

The Battle of Cannae 216 BC

The Battle of Magnesia 190 BC

The Second Battle of Beneventum 214 BC

Pydna 168 BC -- Legion vs Phalanx

SPQR:  The World According to Polybius

The Battle of Cynoscephalae 197 BC

SPQR Designers Notes

SPQR Chronological Battle Index

Battle Location Map

SPQR and GBoH Index

Moving on From SPQR in the GBoH Series









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