Combat Commander Developer's Notes:  Up Close and Personal

Twilight Struggle:  A Short Scenario

Combat Commander  Briefing on Scenario 10

Wellington:  Strategy Tips

Here I Stand 2-Player Variant

Pax Romana 2 New Scenarios

Pax Romana Strategy Tips

Empire of the Sun 6 Optional Rules

C&C Ancients 3 New Scenarios & Tactical Tips

Ardennes '06:  A Band of Gamers

Combat Commander New Scenario 103 Varsity Blues

For the People:  Opening Theory










C3i Issue Nineteen Inserts
Empire of the Sun:  Optional Rules counters and extra markers (35)
Here I Stand:  Two-Player Variant cards (19)
Crisis Sinai:  Corrected counters (20)
Down in Flames:  Ace pilot "Clare" counter
Simple GBOH Battle Manual:  Corrected counters (7)
Great Battles of the American Civil War:  Extra Out of Command markers (6)
Gustavus Adolphus:  Corrected counters (4)
This Accursed Civil War:  Cheriton [#17] corrected counter (1)
Onward Christian Soldiers:  Corrected counters (8)
Pax Romana:  Diadochi counters (19)
Pax Romana:  Magna Graecia counters (13)
Pax Romana:  Pontus counters (8)
Pax Romana:  Pergamum counters (5)
Pax Romana:  Syracuse counter (1)
Pax Romana:  Egypt counters (4)
Pax Romana:  Extra markers (6)




























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