Trireme Battles at the Dawn of History

Heating up the Cold War

Twilight at Last

C3i Forum Issue 18

Escape From Lorient & The French Convoy

Learning Here I Stand In 20 Minutes Or Less

Downtown:  Dragon's Jaw

Borodino 1812:  A Player's View

The Intelligence Condition Table:  An Empire of the Sun Variant

Poland 1939 Air Campaign

Guadalcanal Carrier Battles

Hannibal's First Battle

Amphibious Assaults in Empire of the Sun

Mercenary Land Battles of the First Punic War

Issue 18 Countersheet

C3i Issue Eighteen Inserts
American Revolution Series:  American Revolution Tactics cards (16)
Carthage:  Replacement counters (2)
Down in Flames:  Poland 1939 counters (18)
Down in Flames:  DiF Squadron Pack #2: Bombers counters (11)
Down in Flames:  Agile Aircraft counters (5)
Down in Flames:  Poland 1939 aircraft cards (8)
Down in Flames:  Poland 1939 campaign card
Down in Flames:  Poland 1939 Log & Target sheet
Alesia:  Replacement counters (3)
Caesar at Alexandria:  Replacement counters (2)
SPQR:  Hannibal's First Battle counters (59)
SPQR:  Trireme Battles counters (7)
War Galley:  Fleet Record Sheet
Ardennes '44:  Replacement counters (7)
Downtown:  Dragon's Jaw counters (26)
Downtown:  Downtown RP4 map extension
Downtown:  Aircraft Data Charts























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