Empire of the Sun Strategy Concepts

From the Editor's Desk Issue 17

The Siege of Alesia

My Philosophy Behind Card Driven Games

Air Umbrella Over Dunkirk

The Sicilian Campaign in the 2nd Punic War

Manifest Destiny:  A Player's Introduction

Downtown:  Linebacker III

The Battle of Cheriton 1644

Sweden Fights On:  System Analysis and the Fight for the Mountain Chapel

P500 Sneakpeek:  Tactical Infantry Combat in WWII

GMT East Weekend 2005

C3i 17 Counter Manifest





C3i Issue Seventeen Inserts

Rise of the Roman Republic:  Corrected and additional counters (25)

Empire of the Sun:  Corrected counters (8)

Thirty Years War:  Wallenstein counter (1)

WW2  Barbarossa to Berlin:  Additional counter (1)

Down in Flames:  Dunkirk aircraft cards (24)

Down in Flames:  Dunkirk campaign card (1)

Borodino:  Corrected counters (4)

Three Days of Gettysburg:  Corrected counters (3)

This Accursed Civil War:  The Battle of Cheriton counters (80)

This Accursed Civil War:  The Battle of Cheriton mapsheet

 Downtown:   Linebacker III counters (18)



























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