Editor's Desk Issue Fifteen

Risorgimento:  Campaign in Lombardy with Peter Perla

Paths of Glory:  Five Points for Beginners

Barbarossa to Berlin:  The Terrible Dance of Death

Barbarossa to Berlin:  WBC Tournament Report 2003

Blue vs Gray Deluxe Edition

Clash of Giants Tannenberg 1914:  Player's Notes

Who Wants to be a Fighter Ace?

Risorgimento 1859:  Designer's Historical Notes

Twilight of the Lutwaffe:  Daylight 1945 Campaign

New Tactics Cards for Battleline

SPQR:  Skirmishers, Velites and Light Troops

Battle of Kasserine Pass:  C3i Module

Ukraine '43:  Optional Rules, Changes and New Counters

For the People:  New Counters



C3i Issue Fifteen Inserts
For the People:  Variant counters (16)
Down in Flames:  Twilight of the Luftwaffe Campaign Sheet
Down in Flames:  Twilight of the Luftwaffe Aircraft Sheets (2)
SPQR:  Skirmishers, Velites, and Light Troops counters (74)
Kasserine Pass:  Kasserine Pass 11x17 inch mapsheet
Kasserine Pass:  Kasserine Pass counters (40)
Ukraine '43:  Variant and replacement counters (10)











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