Editor's Desk Issue Thirteen

Trading in your Hornets for Falcons

Comprehensive Index to C3i Magazine

Capital Offense

April 1861 Scenario

Philip the Great

Bludgeon, Not a Sledgehammer

How to Raab the French of Victory

Tarentum of the Battle of Sapriportis, 210 B.C.

Drive on Cherbourg

Experten of the Luftwaffe

PoGMania, Tips for Beginners

Inside GMT Issue Thirteen

The Problem with Gustav

Issue Thirteen Inserts

Issue Thirteen Counters

C3i Issue Thirteen Inserts
Paths of Glory:  Correction counters (2)
Barbarossa:  Army Group Center:  Correction counters (16)
June 6th:  New counters (8)
Triumph and Glory:  Correction counters (14)
Great Battles of Alexander:  Philip the Great counters (9)
Great Battles of Alexander:  Philotas counter (1)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar:  Sertorian War (#10) counters (14)
SPQR:  Extra SPQR "Depleted" counters (6)
SPQR:  Pydna (SPG) counters (6)
SPQR:  Pyrrhus in Sicily (#14) counters (9)
Great Battles of History:  Ambiorix counters (4)
Great Battles of History:  Mercenary counters (6)
Hornet Leader:  Falcon Leader airfield (1 sheet)
Hornet Leader:  Falcon Leader cards (12)
Hornet Leader:  Falcon Leader counters (34)
Hornet Leader:  Hornet Leader cards (4)
Austerlitz:  Correction counters (9)
Britain Stands Alone:  Variant counters (2)



















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