Editors Desk Issue Ten

Paths of Glory, The First World War

Flying Tigers

Battle of Britain Day - 15 Sep 1940

The Vic in Down in Flames

The Sertorian War, 80-72 B.C.

Operation Pedestal:  Malta Convoy August 1942

Inside GMT Issue Ten

Equus: Cavalry Battles of the Second Punic War

Samurai:  Warriors and Soldiers

The Power of One:  Individual Combat in Samurai

Operation Shoestring Variant:  New Naval Rules

Game Ratings Chart Issue Ten

Issue Ten Inserts

Issue Ten Counters

C3i Issue Ten Inserts
June 6th:  Replacement & extra counters (28)
Conquest of Gaul:  Aulerci counter for Conquest of Gaul
Great Battles of Alexander:  Parmenion counter for Alexander, #10
Great Battles of Julius Caesar:  Caralis (#9) counters (4)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar:  Sertorian War coutners (16)
Great Battles of Julius Caesar:  Veni Vidi Vici (future module) counters (20)
SPQR:  Truceless War (#7) counters (9)
SPQR:  Player's Guide scenario counters (8)
SPQR:  Masinissa counter for Africanus
SPQR:  Equus counters (6)
SPQR:  Hannibal counter for SPQR
War Galley:  Didius counter
Britain Stands Alone:  Air variant (#6) counters (27)















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